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Click the banner to the enter the Gamer Geek Nation Gaming Page

Gamer Geek Nation is all about The Community, Video Games and Geeky things. Our objective is to keep the retro gaming and new gen community going strong and for everyone involved to get amazing deals on hard to find games and toys.

We encourage all our members to be active, social, invite your friends and give lots of feedback it would be greatly appreciated to help build our community even more! Gamer Geek Nations social buy sell trade groups have been around for 5+ years and still going strong!
Please review the guidelines and terms of service of our page

If you have any questions at all about anything feel free to contact David Rivera, Austin Davis or Jay Hatch the admins of the group.
Brought to you by our main social page…

#1- NO ONE will be allowed to publicly discriminate or criticize another seller/member’s price on there item, if you have a problem with someones price take it up in a PM(private message) to discuss, and if someone persist that a price on someones item is not to their liking then move on and keep it to your self, everyone has a right to sell their items at whatever their price is…NO ONE is the price police. If anyone is persistent on one persons price in public when asked to stop making comments on ones price, you will be removed from the group. If allowed back and you do it again, you will be banned PERMANENTLY!!

#2- Be nice! Flaming/Attacking someone will not be tolerated! No warnings! If you don’t have something Positive to say about someone keep it to yourself, and no race, or gay bashing talk will not be allowed due to discriminative laws and it can cause Facebook to close the group for those reasons. So please be respectful to each other, and if their is a problem don’t make a public scene and take it to a PM, and or contact an admin. If any bashing (race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation) persist after first warning you will be banned permanently with probably cause with no return to the group.

#3- Please keep your items for sale in an ALBUM, not a bunch of individual post, it clutters the page and knocks other peoples items to the bottom of the page, and if you post more then 5 individual items for sale or trade a day, you will be told to make an album to keep the clutter down, and no spamming the same item for sale. Also, no more then 2 bumps a day in moving your item to the top of the page.

#4- We at Gamer Geek Trading Group are not responsible in any way of any bad trades or sales in any ways shape or form, all buyers, sellers and traders use discretion when doing any deals, and if not sure about someone please ask an admin for references, as we will have a good/bad trader list in here as well. If any deals do go bad or there is an issue with a deal we admins here will handle the problem fist hand, and if the issue can not be resolved, we suggest you contact PayPal and the authorities for resolution, and if no resolution is made, we admins will remove the bad trader from the group and black list them all together!!

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